About Leimkuehler Construction

Building for

35 years


Randy Leimkuehler has been building, remodeling and making dreams come true for homeowners for 35 years.  As a high school building trades student, Randy built two new houses from the ground up.  He soon realized that he had a unique propensity for this craft, and he discovered the many challenges and rewards of working with wood.

During college, he worked at a grocery store, but never stopped studying and developing his woodworking skills.  He tackled remodeling and repair projects, and even learned to build cabinets and furniture.  From walnut lumber salvaged from the family farm, he built a cradle — a beautiful piece of living history that has welcomed his own children into the world, and every other baby born in his family for 35 years.

In 1980, he left his full-time job to launch his construction company.  His reputation spread quickly, and he kept the business going in spite of a recession.  He continued building new houses while working in tandem with other contractors.  In 1988, he moved his family to Fayette, a small town rich  in history and full of beautiful older homes.  It took little time for residents there to recognize his passion and unique talent for finding construction solutions to everyday needs while preserving the beauty and period architecture of those historic homes.

A Partner With Homeowners

Leimkuehler Construction doesn’t insist on using easy “cookie-cutter” designs or solutions.  The company philosophy is to work closely with homeowners from start to finish.  It is essential to not only listen, but to hear and understand what homeowners need and want in their homes.  Randy welcomes suggestions and ideas from homeowners, and makes sure that communication is ongoing.  Whether it is carving out a niche from an otherwise unused space, or a complete makeover of a kitchen or basement, or building something completely new, Leimkuehler Construction offers affordable and quality solutions that yield happy and content customers for many years.